Integrity Commercial Cleaning
Our mission is to provide consistent professional and quality cleaning services to all commercial properties, regardless of size and scope. Bringing integrity to every aspect of our organization, we aspire to be a premier provider of commercial cleaning services.


ICC is locally owned and operated by industry-experienced executives who take a hands on approach in every aspect of the business.
Lucia Nevarez - Member Manager
Lucia has 19+ years of industry experience in all aspects of operations, sales and customer service with 10 years of executive level management. She has a Masters degree in organizational management. Lucia has trained with the industry’s leading authority, Steve Spencer in “Day Cleaning” operations and has successfully implemented this program to various projects. In 2005, she co-founded, along with Scott Hardwick, Integrity Commercial Cleaning and together they have successfully achieved all sales, client retention and profitability goals to date.
Scott ICC Scott Hardwick - Member Manager
Scott has 29+ years of industry experience and 15 years of executive level experience with some of the largest commercial cleaning companies in the world. He has successfully implemented “Day Cleaning” and “Green Cleaning Operations” with these companies and has adapted his knowledge of green cleaning techniques within Integrity Commercial Cleaning’s portfolio. Scott’s expertise in operational engineering and financial management have been an integral key to the success ICC has experienced thus far. Although Scott holds the lead “behind the scenes” role at ICC, he, along with Lucia Nevarez and Patrick Bristow are at the forefront of the company, personally responsible for all sales, client relationships & customer service.
Mary ICC Maria Ursache - Vice President of Operations
Maria has been in the industry for 22+ years specializing in operations and customer service. Maria has been with Integrity Commercial Cleaning since 2008. As Vice President of Operations, she is responsible for operations in our Arizona, New Mexico and Texas markets. She has managed various types of projects including owner occupied facilities, class “A”, industrial, retail and medical properties. She is responsible for implementing and overseeing our Quality Control Programs.
Sam Diehl Sam Diehl - Arizona Director of Business Development
Sam has 10+ years of extensive experience in operations management involving recruiting and training of entry-level to mid-management personnel, coordinating business development, opening new regional offices and enhancing bottom line profitability performance. Sam joined ICC in 2013 as the Director of Business Development for the Arizona territory of ICC. Sam has overseen the activities of 60 plus employees, and is personally responsible for implementing a management program that resulted in 20% reduced turnover rate and an increased market penetration of 40% in prior employment positions. Sam has received numerous company sponsored management certifications. Sam holds a bachelor’s degree in Music Education/Communications from Indiana University and has lived in the Phoenix area since 2005.