Integrity Commercial Cleaning
Our mission is to provide consistent professional and quality cleaning services to all commercial properties, regardless of size and scope. Bringing integrity to every aspect of our organization, we aspire to be a premier provider of commercial cleaning services.
Sam Diehl

Corporate Office

Sam Diehl
Arizona Director of Business Development
2440 W. Mission Lane, Suite #3
Phoenix, AZ 85021
Cell 602-931-7577
Office 602-944-2157
Fax 602-944-2167
Amber Claunch

Regional Office

Mary Ursache
Nevada Director of Business Development
4290 Cameron Street, Suite #4
Las Vegas, NV 89103
Cell 623-687-1618
Office 702-331-3788
Fax 702-331-4772
Corporate Office

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Nevada Regional Office

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