Integrity Commercial Cleaning
Our mission is to provide consistent professional and quality cleaning services to all commercial properties, regardless of size and scope. Bringing integrity to every aspect of our organization, we aspire to be a premier provider of commercial cleaning services.
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After spending several years with larger janitorial companies, we found, as companies reach a certain size they become less effective and lose site of what is important, THE CUSTOMER.

Customer Service
​​Customer Service is KEY to the success of our company. Our philosophy is to take care of our customers and offer solutions, not excuses. We take the proactive approach rather than reactive. Our customers interact with principals of ICC, eliminating the need to go through various management levels to achieve the desired results.

Quality Control

Our Quality Control Program was developed to assist us in exceeding our customers expectations and ensuring accountability. In addition to our executive team performing unannounced inpsection visits each account is assigned a qualified area manager to oversee our program. We also utilize a web based inspection program that can be accessed by our customers so they may view our performance, input work orders and verify periodic tasks are being completed. A successful quality control program relies on consistent training. Prior to job assignment every ICC employee receives training for basic cleaning techniques, hazardous communication, MSDS and blood borne pathogens. Advanced cleaning techniques are provided to floor specialists, supervisors and managers. ICC conducts mandatory quarterly meetings held at different properties we clean for ongoing education focusing on company wide processes and procedures.